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Ryoden Kasei Heat Insulation Board

Along with the diversification of applications in industrial equipment and machinery, demand for heat resistant structural materials is increasing. Ryoden Kasei make “Heat insulation Boards” that do not contain asbestos, and has earned a high rating with users.

These boards combine excellent insulation properties, mechanical strength, outstanding dimensional stability, outstanding cost performance, safety that does not use asbestos, electrical insulation, machinability and so on. In addition, it is a product adapted to recent environmental awareness because it can help obtain benefits such as energy saving and higher yields.

By using our heat-resistant structural material as a heat insulating board, it is possible to reduce the amount of heat radiation and obtain a large energy saving effect. It is also possible to shorten the heating time in the early stage of operation and to reduce the material loss.

For example, with an evaluation at a mould temperature of 140 ° C, there is an energy saving effect of about 40% of the energy required for heating, and the time to reach the set temperature is also about 20% faster. In addition, the temperature distribution of the mould can be made constant, heat conduction to the moulding machine body is suppressed, and the life of the mould and moulding machine can be prolonged.