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EMI Trading and Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Oil Filtration Device

Miracle Boy" prevents deterioration of lubricating/hydraulic oil eliminating contaminating particles, oxides and moisture (ppm) all together. While we have been taking it for granted that we replace oil before it reaches the usable limit, development of additives and various filtration devices has extended oil life.

"Miracle Boy" is a high-performance filtration device, whose greatest feature is to keep oil fresh, preventing oil deterioration.

If you install Miracle Boy, your machine will be free from maintenance and will not require oil replacement. It performs:

  • Dust Removal - to keep oil fresh
  • Water Removal - Down to the level of ppm (0.0001%)
  • Oxide Removal - The oxide level hardly changes even after more than ten years' use of oil.
  • "Miracle Boy" corresponds to almost all machines.


"Miracle Boy" works offline with the machine oil tank. Installation is easy.

You can replace a filter element without stopping the production line.