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Fujita Piston Valves

Owing to our timeliness and hassle free deliveries, we have become the primary choice of the buyers. We make sure that the products that we deliver will remain completely damage free as we make use of the quality packaging material and have skilled personnel for the packing of the products. Fujita valves are designed to automate the processes in the tires and rubber manufacturing.
Fujita valves are developed for different kind of fluids such as : Steam, Oil, Cold and Hot Water and Non-flammable Gases. The main tire manufacturers in Japan are using Fujita valves.

The product range includes : 

  • 3 Way Piston Valve 4 Way Piston Valve  Control Valves (Steam Flow and Pressure Regulators) Fujita is the foremost and highest quality piston valve manufacturer in Japan. Fujita Piston Valves were developed together with the major tire manufactures in Japan.
  • Our technology and quality has been cultivated through actual results that many of the tire manufacturers all over the world have been regularly using our 3-way piston valves for many years. Piston Valve works with a little air pressure.
  • So, it is used as On/Off valve that controls the flow and direction of liquid by up/downward piston movement inside the cylinder, which is operation part.
  • The trim part is made of PTFE (Teflon) soft seal, so that it can be perfectly sealed.
  • An excellent seal is maintained over long periods in the high-temperature high-pressure environment required in tire-curing Full flow, Reduce flow and Compact types can be supplied in NC and NO versions.

The following connections types are available :

  • Flange - JIS, ANSI, DIN
  • Thread - JIS Rc. BSP, NPT
  • By handling products such as Full Flow type and twin stem type that enables easier maintenance and replacement, we respond to various needs from customers and focus our efforts on new product development based on the customers requirement.